About Me

Hey Mummies,

My name is Daneeka and I have been a Step Mum on the weekends to my husbands beautiful 10yr old daughter for the past five years! I love her with my whole entire heart and she has taught me so much during our time together! I like to say she has helped me to ease into being a mum, she already sleeps through the night, dresses herself and eats her vegetables! I count myself very lucky as not a lot of mummies get this kind of slow ease into motherhood! She has truly been a blessing in my life, its like I got a package deal with my amazing husband! A 2-4-1 deal you could say! And to top it all off just 5.5 short months ago I became a First time mum to our littlest love…Poor Daddy, surrounded by girls! Talking about Daddy…boy am I lucky. I am so blessed with the most amazing husband any wifey could ever ask for! We are an absolute perfect match for each other, like Tweedledee and Tweedledum, or two sweet peas in a pod! He is my best friend, my partner in every thing and number one person I can always count on! (except of course my mum :-))

I started this blog for a few different reasons! I guess really to have a project that is mine. Just MINE. As a Step mum and now a full time stay at home mum, and a wife nothing is really ever just my own. It’s shared with my husband or daughters, or any other Tom, Dic or Harry who want a piece of this already busy enough mummy. You know what I’m saying! I wanted something I could sit down to and sort of drift off and enjoy without the interruptions (hence sitting hear typing my heart out at 10.30pm whilst everyone else is in bed). I started this blog to get back into writing…I love telling stories, I love using exclamation marks and … as you will soon see!!! I love being creative, I have draws and draws of art supplies. But the thought of trying to stick and glue and cut with a new baby to tend to all day…no thanks! I wanted a fun little piece of serenity where I can chat with other mums just like me.  A relaxed place where we can make friends who like us for more than just the ‘milk bars/world problem solvers/housekeepers’ we are! And I guess one day this blog might help out with the cost of running this growing family. I am now a full time stay at home mum and intend to be for the next 10years or more so I needed to find a way to contribute to the family budget! Apparently blogging can help with this! Who knew?

Some interesting facts about me:

  • I love to sleep…the older I get, the more I want to sleep (being a mum is really putting a downer on this)
  • I would love a baby goat or a cool pet lizard (my husband says no to both)
  • I love Camping and Swimming in freshwater holes (hate snakes)
  • I think ice cream always tastes better out of the tub and round shaped chocolate is best
  • I love am a lover not a fighter
  • The profile picture of my head is over 10yrs old- I better find a new one that shows my new mum wrinkles!

So that’s it for now… don’t worry you’ll find out plenty more about me and my crazy family (I say that in a proud kind of way…we know we are whacked and we love it). So stay tuned, hopefully as this little blog grows you can find some helpful tips and tricks, stories and laughs that can bring a little piece of joy to your day! x